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Is your sprinkler / irrigation system in need of repairs? We can help. Visit our Repair Page or schedule a visit now.

Is your sprinkler / irrigation system in need of an upgrade? We can help. Visit our Upgrades Page or schedule a visit now.

Still have some questions?

Send us an email or give us a call at 843-478-9452


Did you know that irrigation/sprinkler systems are one of the most critical components of a well-maintained landscape?  Irrigation is responsible for the efficient application of water to your turf and ornamental plants.  Too much or too little water can cause major issues like fungus, root rot, or leaf burn.

"I needed sprinkler heads replaced.  No problems so far.  Prompt arrival, courteous, and professional. Great job!"

-Robin G.


Don’t know anything about sprinkler repair or irrigation? 
Don’t want to know anything about it?
Not a Problem!

Our knowledgeable technicians arrive in trucks stocked with common parts and specialty diagnostic equipment to ensure we can find, diagnose, and repair any issues your sprinkler system may have. This includes broken sprinkler heads to complete system overhauls.

Striving to be the best Residential & Commercial Irrigation service provider

in Dorchester, Berkeley, and Charleston counties


Transparent Service

You may have already noticed just on our website that we strive to be transparent about our service. No hidden agendas or confusing processes. We want our clients to be confident and educated on our company before hiring us without the fear of surprises.

Professional Service

Our trucks are wrapped and stocked with common parts and our employees in uniform. Rest easy knowing that our technicians are trained and educated in their field and have the right tools necessary to complete your job no matter the size or complexity.

Service Notifications

Sick and tired of wondering when your service provider is coming? Or if they will ever show up? We have a solution! Using our software, we send you text or email notifications (your preference) when your job is scheduled, dispatched, and completed!

Call Backs in 24 hours

We know how annoying it is to call or email a company and not receive any communication back. While companies in our industry are always super busy, we still believe answering the phone and returning emails are a priority. Expect return communication from us by the end of the next business day!

Online Portal

Ever wanted to login to your account and view your history? With our software you can do just that. Every single one of our clients receives a login to our online portal which allows you to view your invoices, payments, payment info on file, etc… Just another way we strive to be transparent. No more wondering what your account status is or having to call in to find out. We even have an app in development slated for release in 2019!

Easy Billing

Frustrated by companies with difficult or confusing billing processes? Don’t want to pay with cash or check? We make our billing so easy you don’t have to do a thing! We keep your payment information on file and bill once the job is complete. Afterwards, we’ll send you a paid invoice receipt with details for your records. Just a 2-step process!

Advanced Parts

The parts that make up your sprinkler system often determine its efficiency and longevity. We make this a key factor when selecting which products and brands to use. Whether your system is 20 years old or 6 months, we will use only the most technologically advanced parts for your sprinkler repair and upgrades. The parts may cost a little more up front but will save you more money in the long run through their efficiency and durability.

Job Clean Up

We believe cleaning up our messes is just another part of the job. We promise to disturb your property as little as possible and not leave pieces and parts laying around or big holes left unfilled after we’ve finished.

Licensed and Insured

No need to worry about whether our company is licensed for business or insured in case of accidents. We carry all the necessary licenses and full insurance needed to make sure we operate within the law and protect ourselves and you if any accidents take place.

Parts and Labor Warranty

Last but not least, we differentiate ourselves with our fantastic warranty. It includes two (2) years on parts and one (1) year on labor to ensure that any manufacturing defects in parts installed will not cause you to pay more money for a second replacement.

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