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Fall Sprinkler System Maintenance

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It’s Time for Fall Sprinkler System Maintenance

Fall sprinkler system maintenance. Is your irrigation system prepared for the colder weather ahead? As you know, we are proponents for regular maintenance, however, preparing for the colder weather may pay off for home owners the most.

Fall sprinkler system maintenance

Why Have a Fall Sprinkler System Inspection?

October is here and beach weather seems to be mostly behind us. That means that mornings and evenings are getting cooler. It also means that your irrigation system is being used less.

If your system isn’t fully prepared for the even colder weather of November through February, it is likely that your system will have operational issues come next spring.

Having an inspection and winterizing your system now helps home owners to avoid costly bills in the spring related to sprinkler system repairs.

What is Done During Fall Maintenance

Similar to other inspections performed on a regular basis, we’ll check to ensure that your system is working properly and efficiently.

In addition, proper winterization includes removing all water from the irrigation system helping to prevent freeze damage to the lines, valves, rotors and heads.

Sentry Irrigation will check zone by zone and introduce carefully controlled air pressure to clear the system. This helps remove the threat of freeze damage throughout the months the system is dormant. It’s also good to be aware that this does not guarantee damage from other forces such as shifting and movement of the ground during freeze and thaw periods. Therefore, a regular maintenance schedule for your sprinkler system is a good plan.

Effects of Frozen Pipes

While South Carolina isn’t known for its blustery weather or sub-zero temps, we do have an occasional freeze and frost.

If the system hasn’t been winterized, water may remain in the lines. Without the space for this freezing water to expand, the pipes can crack or burst. This can be small cracks creating leaks, or large burst that render your system inoperable. Frozen pipes are one of the most costly and difficult repairs to make. This is because the effected pipes are underground. As a note, water can freeze in the sprinkler heads themselves. The water can crack or pop the head off.


For additional information about the life expectancy of a sprinkler system, or irrigation systems in general, please contact Sentry Irrigation at (843) 478-9452 or


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