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Fertigation – Fertilizing through Irrigation

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Fertilizing through Irrigation

Typically, fertilizing your yard consists of manually spreading fertilizer seed.  With this approach, home owners are found filling a hand-pushed seed spreader and walking it throughout the yard in evenly spaced rows.  Or, if a yard is large, using a motorized vehicle and attaching the spreader to the back and driving through the yard spraying seed.  This approach often leads to wasted seed. Did you know that there’s an easier way if you have an irrigation system? It’s called fertigation.

Fertigation with EZ-Flo

Fertigation is the injection of fertilizers, used for soil amendments, water amendments and other water-soluble products into an irrigation system.  Research supports the vast advantages of fertigation to traditional fertilizing processes. For instance, nutrient absorption rates are greatly increased. Nutrient rich soil leads to healthier plants that require less water.

EZ-Flo is an automatic fertilizing system that makes it easier to fertilize your yard and plant life.  This system eliminates the time and equipment required for the typical manual application of fertilizer.

EZ-Flo will liquify highly concentrated, water-soluble fertilizers. It then proportions them into the irrigation system’s water in very low doses.  These low doses are called micro-dosing.  This micro-dosing technology has 10 U.S. patents.

The micro-doses of fertilizer are applied each time your irrigation system runs.  This reduces overall fertilizer and water usage, making it environmentally friendly.  

Using Ez-Flo with Your Existing Irrigation System

An Ez-Flo system is incorporated, by a professional, into your existing irrigation system.  The video below provides a detailed overview of the system, installation, and benefits.  

As you’ll see, the system includes a few specialized parts and pieces and, of course, fertilizer.  While the Ez-Flo system can deliver any liquid or water soluble product, they do recommend their own Ferti-Maxx water soluble fertilizer.  Ferti-Maxx contains a proprietary blend of organic bio-stimulants that are continually tested and evaluated. This ensure the best results for a safe and beautiful lawn for you and your family.



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