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Irrigation for New Landscaping


Irrigation for New Landscaping

Irrigation for new landscaping (e.g., newly added plants and shrubs) is often inadvertently overlooked. Keeping your new landscape pieces properly watered is the first step to ensuring sufficient growth, root depth, and the overall health of your plants. Therefore, if you have altered your home’s landscape, either with new plantings or a different design, you’ll want to think about updating your irrigation system to keep your plants healthy.

irrigation for new landscaping

Overlooking adjustments could result in the decline of the overall health of your landscape. This, in turn, often relates to the decreasing curb appeal of your home. Here, we provide some some effective irrigation tactics for your new landscape.

Keep Watering Consistent

One of the biggest disadvantages of manually watering your landscape is that it is rarely consistent in timing or amounts. As you know, plants regularly need water to survive. For best results, plants should be watered regularly at specific times to produce quality growth.

To promote quick growth and the optimal health of plants, adjusting irrigation for new landscaping is key. At Sentry Irrigation, we will come to your home (or business), assess your existing system, and recommend the required adjustments to best address the new layouts. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

Watering Intervals

Since regular watering is essential to your plants’ growth, a professional can help you readdress the watering intervals that were previously set. Irrigation for new landscaping may need small adjustments, or depending on the new plants, a more comprehensive adjustment.

This is guarantees that your landscape is being watered at the right times. It will also save you from under or overwatering your plants.

Understand How Much Water Your Plants Need

If you have a new landscape design, a professional can adjust your sprinklers to provide water to your plants that have been moved. However, if you have recently purchased new plants, you’ll need to understand how much water they need. Moreover, this can help you practice efficient water habits and reduce utility costs.

irrigation for new landscaping

Here are some great ways to give your plants the correct amount of water each and every time.

  • Check Your Sprinkler Output – Without your knowledge, your system could be leaking several gallons of water per hour. To avoid overwatering your landscape, have your sprinkler output tested to gauge water usage.
  • Measure the Amount of Water Your Plants Needs – After purchasing your plants, read up on how much water they’ll need to thrive. A professional will be able to use this to factor the amount of water the sprinklers should emit by the hour.
  • Group Plants According to Watering Needs – When possible, group plants together that have the same or similar watering needs. This ensures that making adjustments to irrigation for new landscaping is a bit easier.
  • Set the Timers – Finally, Sentry Irrigation sets the sprinklers’ timers accommodating the new plants.


For additional information about the life expectancy of a sprinkler system, or irrigation systems in general, please contact Sentry Irrigation at (843) 478-9452 or


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