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Is your irrigation system outdated (5+ years) or constantly needing repairs? It sounds like your system may be in need of an update.

At Sentry Irrigation we only use the latest advanced parts when performing repairs and upgrades to irrigation systems.

In some systems, a part may be working, but its performance is poor due to age which then causes water leakage or uneven water distribution.

Or, it may be that a part was never installed on your system. In that case, it is best to review and replace all outdated parts with the newest technology. This approach will save you money in the long run by eliminating water waste and costly repair bills due to frequently breaking parts.

A thorough upgrade of your irrigation system will also restore your system’s ability to properly and efficiently distribute water to prevent landscape issues like fungus or leaf burn.


Perhaps your system installation contractor didn’t install a rain sensor, or a spray head needs to be moved due to landscape changes. In this case, you need some add-on or system change work. Missing components or outdated watering layouts can cost you more than you think and should be taken care of as soon as possible to keep your landscape in great shape and to save you money.

"Easy to work with and very quick to help!"

-Drew N.


Our process involves 7 easy steps from initial contact to service completion.

  1. Contact Us

    Submit our online form or give us a call, we will gather some information such as name, address, email, etc.

  2. Get an Estimate

    If you’re not sure which components need to be upgraded and how many units there are or whether you are missing any sprinkler components, then we will schedule a time for one of our service techs to come take a look, so we can provide an estimate as needed (service fees & rates do apply).

  3. Authorization

    Once we have the necessary info, we will send an estimate and service authorization form.

  4. Schedule Appointment

    Upon receipt of a completed authorization form, we will process the form and send an email with information on your scheduled appointment time, date, and the name of your technician.

  5. Service Dispatch

    When your service is dispatched you will receive a text and/or email notification letting you know that the service is dispatched and reminding you of the appointment.

  6. Arrival as Scheduled

    Your service technician will arrive as scheduled and perform the upgrade work and a job completion text and/or email notification will be sent afterwards.

  7. Finalization of Project

    The office will then process billing by the next business day and send your payment receipt and a quick survey requesting your feedback on the work done and your technician.

Need Something Simpler?

Perhaps a simple repair is all that your system needs. We can help!


Our Standard hourly rate
(which is charged after the service fee per visit noted below)
is $80/hour (or $20/15minutes) plus parts


Includes trip charge and system analysis.

Summerville - $80
Ladson - $80
Knightsville - $80
Lincolnville - $80
Sangaree - $80
Goose Creek - $90
Hanahan - $90
Cane Bay - $90
North Charleston -$90
Charleston (Proper) - $110
West Ashley - $110
James Island - $110
Johns Island - $110
Mount Pleasant - $125
Daniel Island - $125
Folly Beach - $150
Sullivan's Island - $150
Isle of Palm - $150


Parts installed will be warrantied for a period of two (2) years from the installation date. Workmanship will be warrantied for a period of one (1) year from the installation date. Standard fees and rates will apply to any parts requiring replacement under the parts warranty after the expiration of the workmanship warranty. This warranty shall be limited to part defects resulting in improper operation or improper installation of the part(s) as determined solely by Sentry Irrigation, LLC. No outside opinions – professional or otherwise -  will be accepted.

This warranty does not cover:

Damage by vehicles, damage by animals, vandalism, acts of God, plant growth blocking coverage, lack of plant growth, improper operation of irrigation system, trench subsidence.  Warranty does not extend to replacement of any landscape or any part of the system not part of the original repair.

This warranty is null and void if any changes, additions, alterations, renovations, or repairs are made by an outside party other than a representative of Sentry Irrigation, LLC.

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