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Time for Sprinkler System Upgrades?

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Sentry Irrigation strives to be one of the best irrigation repair companies in the area.  We advocate for water conservation and green lawns – simultaneously.   Irrigation systems are the unsung heroes of beautiful landscapes.  They often do the heavy lifting that results in lush green lawns and attractive foliage and flowers.

Our commitment to the community is not only about doing our best to service your lawn.  It is also about arming home owners with the information they need to properly care for their yards when we cannot be there.

Signs You Need a Sprinkler System Upgrade

Every system will eventual get “old” and need to be repaired or upgraded.  Knowing when your sprinkler system may be ready to be sent to its own greener pastures can be key in keeping your lawn at its best.  Review these items as signs that it might be time for an upgrade:

  • Know the age of your system – if more than 10 years, speak with an expert
  • Are there frequent leaks
  • Does the system need frequent repairs
  • Is the cost of your water bill increasing
  • Do parts of your lawn get too much or too little water
  • Is your system simply out of date

Why An Upgraded System?

If your sprinkler system is outdated it may be costing you money without you knowing.  Older systems may not be efficiently watering you lawn.  They may even be wasting some of your water.  Just like home appliances, or cell phones, upgrades are inevitable.

sprinkler system upgrades

If you are considering upgrading your irrigation system this might help you decide.  For instance, did you know that:

  • Technology makes it possible for sprinkler systems to adjust watering according to weather conditions?
  • Some irrigation systems allow home owners to access their systems remotely.
  • There are systems that send an alert if there is a problem with the sprinkler heads or in the lines?  
  • Preventive measures ensure that over watering doesn’t occur.

If your system doesn’t boast any of these features or benefits, it may be time for an upgrade.  One of the biggest benefits of a newer irrigation system is the preservation of water. This, of course, is helpful for the environment and also for your budget. 

As always, we encourage customers to have their sprinkler systems maintained throughout the year and to call a professional if an issue is suspected.

Sentry Irrigation provides sprinkler and irrigation system repairs tailored to your specific system’s requirements. We are dedicated to lowering our client’s costs by providing the most efficient repairs and upgrades possible.


For additional information about the life expectancy of a sprinkler system, or irrigation systems in general, please contact Sentry Irrigation at (843) 478-9452 or


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