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What is Sprinkler System Maintenance

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What is Sprinkler System Maintenance and Is it Required?

Are you in the market for sprinkler system maintenance? Are you also concerned about your bottom line?

If you are committed to preserving the quality of your home’s landscape, then your irrigation system will eventually need a check-up. It will also need maintenance to keep it performing properly. While your sprinkler system is typically set it and forget it, over time it needs maintenance.

Irrigation systems supply a controlled amount of water to your landscape. Controlling this process is a series of pieces of equipment. These pieces all work together in harmony. Therefore, if an irrigation system doesn’t receive the proper maintenance it can breakdown this process. It can also damage your yard (e.g., under-watering or over-watering). Over watering also results in larger water bills.

Therefore, to learn what you can do to ensure that your irrigation system is consistently working properly, read on.

Maintenance Explained

Put simply, irrigation system maintenance is the process of performing period checkups on an irrigation system.

Much like lawn or automotive maintenance, the purpose of this process is to diagnose issues with the irrigation system. It also monitors its efficiency. At Sentry Irrigation, we fix issues uncovered during inspections with homeowner approval.

sprinkler system maintenance

Some homeowners make a costly mistake of believing that irrigation system maintenance is optional.

Because irrigation systems use large percentages of a home’s water, it is in a customer’s best interest knowing whether that sprinkler system is working at its peak performance.

Why is Maintenance Important?

Irrigation system maintenance is not optional. It will need maintenance; either planned or unexpectedly. Regular maintenance helps avoid unplanned emergencies that can be costly. Quarterly inspections are ideal.

During a basic maintenance check, the following areas of your irrigation system are reviewed:

  • Inspecting the controller to ensure it is plugged in and functioning properly.
  • Updating the date and time.
  • Checking connections of all wires to ensure that wind, soil, and rain moisture sensors remain connected.
  • Replacing the back-up battery if necessary.
  • Changing the irrigation schedule to reflect the irrigation needs of the landscape and current season.
  • Powering on each irrigation zone to look for any damage.

As you can see, these functions are important for not only keeping your irrigation system working but also for prolonging its life span. This protects your investment for years to come.

Do I Need Sprinkler System Maintenance?

Each year, sprinkler system manufacturers release new, more efficient designs for spray heads and rotors. Updating a system with these new designs help to disburse water in a more efficient manner.

Nozzles, an integral part of spray heads and rotors, wear out over time and should be changed. Newer designs help reduce water usage while increasing uniformity of disbursement patterns.

sprinkler system maintenance

Understanding if your yard requires immediate maintenance is key. And at Sentry Irrigation, we can help.

Here we note some typical areas of concern that a home owner can spot on their own:

  • Broken or Missing Heads: Sprinkler heads can become damaged due to wear and tear, vandalism, lawnmowers, and other factors. Replacing broken or missing heads immediately is important.
  • Clogged Nozzles: Over time, debris can enter the irrigation system and clog nozzles. This can lead to contaminated water, which is harmful to your landscape.
  • Overspray: Overspray can lead to overwatering, runoff, and higher utility bills. Is your sidewalk or other areas of your home constantly sprayed by water? If so, it’s time to schedule maintenance.

For a more thorough inspection, contact Sentry Irrigation to schedule an appointment.


For additional information about the life expectancy of a sprinkler system, or irrigation systems in general, please contact Sentry Irrigation at (843) 478-9452 or


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